Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Gorgeous Boy

I don't think I could ever share enough pictures of my gorgeous Louie...really?
He's going to get a big shock soon when he realises that there will be a new addition in our home. He's so used to being our little fur baby. He still will be but he has to make room for one other!

I had these pictures of Lou taken just before I left to Brisbane in May 2013. My sister does such a great job of her photography. I wouldn't have the patience and let me tell took a lot of cheese begging to get these photos!

Those that don't know, my Lou has epilepsy. It's been a tough year trying to get him used to his new medication. Since we moved into our new place he has only had four fits, but it's horrible seeing each and every one of them. He is such a gorgeous natured dog and while he may have a very loud bark, I know he is just being protective of me!

I made this page using a big selection of D-Lish Scraps products. You can see the full post over on the D-Lish blog here. I love working with Amanda's products because I'm sure you can tell  - I love to embellish!

Here in Australia, it's Australia Day today. So Happy Australia Day everyone!
Our little Baby E is due tomorrow. I can't believe it's almost time.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend wherever you are!

Much love. x

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