Friday, January 24, 2014

(Hello 2014)

Just read the date on my last post and am rather embarrassed. This a very neglected little blog. since December 9...I really don't have a lot of excuses apart from the tiny excuse of laying around like a whale trying to beat this summer heat in my last trimester of my first pregnancy. Who decided a summer baby was a good idea?

I was a little bit naive in thinking that this pregnancy gig would be a breeze. Only 9 months right? Well try 10 and swollen ankles, sciatica, moodiness, not being able to roll over in bed, a wardrobe that doesn't fit!! It made me wonder how people go back for seconds or have families bigger than six? I think it may all fall into place after the long awaited Baby E has arrived...maybe?

After complaining to Adam last night that it's like I have been pregnant for a whole year, I'm really not that far away. Just three days until our little baby is due into this world. I am told however not to rely on this due date with a first baby and that quite often they are stubborn! In the midst of all my moodiness I have actually developed a kind of calm about the birth day. I am enjoying the last few days of being child-less. For a while it was easy to get impatient and wish labour on but for now I am realising that my whole life is about to change and I need to chill!

I was lucky that my sister coaxed me into having some maternity shots taken. I am really not one for being in front of the camera. I hate having photos taken of myself. Adam is really a bit the same. Here are some of my favourites.

My sister does an excellent job of photography. You can find her Facebook page here.

We haven't shared our baby name online. Mainly because we wanted to keep something secret and also just in case 'he' comes out a 'she'. Regardless of sex, the name does start with E...hence Baby E!

It's definitely been a huge year. I actually had planned to do a year in review post, but guess that went out the window somewhere over Christmas/New Years.
Getting engaged and being pregnant seems to have been our year really.

Hopefully the next post I share with you will include some baby pictures ;) & hopefully the birth isn't as scary as it seems right now. I really shouldn't watch One Born Every Minute!
We saw our baby on a scan three weeks ago just to check the growth and I am expecting an 8+ pound baby with a BIG head apparently. That's always reassuring.

I am off to schedule some scrappy posts for February as I have so much to share but don't want to do it all at once!

Love Kayla. x

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