Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sandy Toes

I have been in such a creative mood lately. I can't believe how much I have managed to get done. I made this page below using lots of D-Lish Scraps goodies for the D-Lish blog. I love ordering from Amanda…her store is full of GORGEOUS bits & pieces. 

I also put together another Youtube process video for this one which you can see below.

For a bigger/better quality version of this video..visit my channel here.

In other new I got my first Christmas tree up! This is my first Xmas tree. We weren't going to get one this year but instead wait until next Christmas which will be Baby E's first Christmas ~ but I just couldn't wait! I got too sad that we had no tree to put up on December 1.

 We only have gold baubles at the moment, but we might go more colourful next year :)

 Speaking of Baby E…his room is really coming together now. Still have a few little bits to add here & there but excited to see some colour. The baby shower is next weekend & then there will only be 6 weeks to go! It's going crazy fast now.
Something else that's going crazy fast is the size of my belly. I swear it grows everyday. I definitely don't fit into any clothes now.
This was taken almost three weeks ago…so you can imagine the size now!

I will be back in the next couple of days to share the beginnings of my December Daily album.


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