Monday, September 9, 2013

Sometimes I actually do scrapbook....

It might be a bit of a rare occasion...but I promise I haven't forgotten how!

I used last month's Project Life kit from Polly! Scrap (which coincidentally was the last one I designed as owner) I absolutely adore the Carta Bella Hello Again range...I think it's the colours that grab me.

I haven't actually truthfully 'caught the PL bug' yet. I just had all these little insy Instagram photos of my niece that didn't fit a whole 12x12 page so I thought this medium of scrapbooking would be perfect for documenting these little photos.

I can't wait to give my niece her album. I have collated pages from her first year and plan to give it to her on her first birthday (October 18)

A completed scrapbook??? Say what???


I am looking forward to setting up a scrapbooking space in the new place. I am not sure where it will be yet as I am dreading having it anywhere near the partner's computer in the spare room since he plays games and doesn't realise how LOUD he is talking when he has his headphones on.
I was thinking of something nice and quiet and dreamy (and near the heat pump....)
Hopefully in a week or two when we are all set up I can share some pictures!


In other news I am totally excited for Ruth's December Daily kit with Polly! Scrap Kits. It's good to have an Australian version of this kit happening & it's full of the coolest stuff

Here's a sneak peek.

Anyway back to eating my porridge and packing.
I can't believe I am 20 weeks pregnant today!
According to the app on my phone it means the baby is the size of a mango which I really don't understand as next week it's the size of a cantaloupe? 
Ah well...whatever size it is - it's certainly kicking up a storm and for some reason it's always at 3am!


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