Monday, September 23, 2013

Posting from our new home...

We just moved to our lovely new town of Penguin in the last week. Have been living in our new home for a week now. I must say it's been harder to settle in than I thought. I think I felt a bit homesick for a little while without the comfort of my parent's home.
Here's a few 'bits' of the new place. Still setting up and buying what we need but it's starting to look like home.

My kind of 'library'

I love our view. Rolling country hills and paddocks of horses. 

My 'scrap' area. I managed to fit everything on this shelf...proud of myself. We just need to buy our dining table so I have somewhere to properly scrap.

This is my favourite bit of the house. I love 'decorative' stuff. Not sure that it is Adam's style but oh well. ;)

My favourite bit! Our nursery. It's only put together. I haven't decorated yet as we only just had our last scan (see below) where we found out the sex of the baby. I have decided to still keep it gender neutral for now regardless. I have heard too many horror stories of the sex being predicted wrong. For now it's grey and white & will have splashes of turquoise. I will add some nice green later on for a boy or some pink for a girl. I still need to do quite a few things. Quilt has to be ordered and will be grey chevron and I am going to sew a valance for the cot (so you can't see the draw underneath) and a long cushion for the window seat (which will be filled with turquoise cubes for E's clothes)

It's pretty exciting putting together the nursery.

So the scan. This happened the week we moved. It was one crazy week!
This is the best picture from the lot but show's E's face and top of the torso. Bubba didn't cooperate through the scan and had to walk up and down the stairs several times in an attempt to get the baby to move position. It's so hard to not say he/she now when referring to bubba. Have to be careful as it is secret!

Apparently that was our last scan while the pregnancy progresses smoothly. I can't wait to meet bubba. Just over 4 months now. I can't believe I am over half way.

I also managed to do a little bit of scrapbooking (I think I must have been running on adrenaline last week). I need to finish up my niece's album as she turns one in a month and it's her present from me!
This paper by Maggie Holmes is my favourite!

& I love these pics of my niece's first Easter. She is a choc-a-holic just like her Aunty.

I have also managed another 2 pages after moving in which use the latest Polly! kit that I am now scrapbook designer for. Here is a sneak peek and I will be back later to share whole pages.

Best be off...
but before I go I will share this.

It was Adam & my first anniversary on the 19th of September. We celebrated in our first home together with his favourite meal that I make...fettucini carbonara.


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