Monday, December 3, 2012

Dec. 3 (& my favourite Christmas memory)

When I started this daily December thing I kind of freaked out about taking photos every day. Today I decided to take a different spin on it and recall my favourite Christmas memory (also should mention that I have hay fever & a not exactly in the mood for photos today!)

I can't remember exactly how old this memory is. I am guessing that I was about four. Gosh Christmas seems to magical at that age. My Uncle Don and his partner turned up at our house with something wrapped in a sheet...being Xmas (and already hyped up on lollies) my sister and I ran excitedly to the door. My Uncle took the sheet off and he had brought my sister & I two lovebirds for Christmas! We were over the moon. We immediately named them Mickey and Minnie. After we settled down we let them out of their cage for a fly (Mickey immediately took place on top of the Xmas tree and pooped on our star!). I think it is so memorable because it was our very first pet, something to take care for. That Christmas was also memorable because my Mum sat us down on her knee not long after and told us that she had a present that she couldn't give us yet and then told us that she was pregnant! Big surprise!!! She asked us whether we wanted a brother or sister. I said a brother...of course. Boy was I wrong! Morgan my younger sister came seven months later.  It's funny that I remember so much of a Christmas when I was only four, but it's a Christmas I hold dear to my heart.

I would love to hear your favourite Christmas memory!

I have been starting a scrapbook for my niece, to be given to her on her first birthday. Love scrapbooking all these baby photos. She is so cute.

This was actually using an old Polly! Scrap Kit's mini kit, some Charm's Creations and a Greatest View badge. :)

Much love.


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Karen said...

Yay, I just became your 30th follower lol.
This page is sooo cute and what a gorgeous little Bub, So many pages to be created about this little one. xx