Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finding peace

I never really knew the meaning of word, until I was searching for it.
Are we ever really at peace? We think we are, we tell ourselves we are, but are we really there yet?

I have been searching for peace within my life for years. I feel like I have finally found what I define as peace. Funnily enough..right now, my life is about chaotic as they come, but I feel at peace with it.

Embracing a lifestyle where letting go of guilt, shame, hurt, anger and sadness is really paramount to creating my world of peacefulness. I feel like I am here, but the next question is, how do I remain peaceful? To surround myself in it I guess.

(my lovely car dreamcatcher..wherever I go, my dreams do)

So my question, what makes your life peaceful? How do you find peace?

I went as far as having a peace symbol tattooed to my neck, a verse on my wrist in Italian meaning "The beautiful life". These are daily reminders of the peace that I have and the peace that I am searching for. I have a beautiful life, regardless of the ups & downs. I am at peace.


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