Monday, April 16, 2012

So many things...

Going on that is. I feel so busy and feel like my lifes goes far too fast for me to handle. But ah day at a time I suppose.

I had a bit of an off week this last week gone. I am going to be open and honest here and admit that it's my illness playing up again. I have good and bad weeks/days/months but I always seem to get through it okay. It was a good chance to have some time out and have a quick visit to the coast to visit the fam & go to the beach.

I got the camera out for a bit of play and it made me realise that I DO NOT use my camera enough and I do NOT take enough photos. It's sad and I really need to rectify that. I did manage to smash and shatter my 50mm lens the other week which I am most upset about, looks like I will have to save up and get another.

This is probably my favourite photo. It probably renews my love for photography all over again.
I also love the beach, it's so relaxing and calming. I wish I could go more often.

While I was there I got Morgan to take a quick photo of Louie & I. Gosh he has grown.

Anyway in other news Uni is keeping me busy and so is Polly! I never in my dreams thought that the business would be going this well. I love doing it and I love being able to see all this new scrappy stuff in flesh and be able to send it out to all my lovely customers. xx

The new kit went live tonight and it has almost SOLD OUT already!

You can get one here.

anyway I must go. Cuddles on the couch with Ben before this week gets even busier.


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Briana Johnson said...

That is an amazing photo! I am so sorry to hear about your illness and the broken lens. Is that your kit club I'm reading about here? That is a super super cute kit - I love the chevron bags! best of luck on your business!