Friday, February 10, 2012

Snips & Snails mini kit!

It has been one those non productive weeks. I guess it is partly because Ben has had his slow week where we got 3 days off, which means we tend to try and spend time together. I haven't been feeling the greatest yesterday. I will admit that I haven't been my usual chirpy self, and Ben has noticed, my friends have noticed, so I think it might be time for a mind overhaul again. 

I am about to enter an insanely busy week with 2 assignments due, which marks the end of the summer  semester. I am kind of dreading Uni starting again on the 27th of Feb! Am I ready? Especially since it means transferring campuses *again!* 

All I will be telling myself is *breathe*. This is all part of a journey to a better ending.

Anyway I did do some scrapbooking this week with the first Polly! mini kit, so thought I would share!

Not much else has been happening.
Ben had a job trial today somewhere very cool, so I have my fingers crossed for that & hoping like hell that  a change for him is coming soon!

Anyway, before I keep go make this tired self a cup of coffee!


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