Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A clean puppy...

So the puppy just had his weekly bath.
He's been a bit spoilt today, it was time for a new collar.
Found the funkiest little tape deck collar for him today. Looks so cute. I would love to buy him the matching lead...maybe next week :)

He is a very spoilt dog, in case you don't realise this from reading my blog.

Which bring me to my next page I am sharing.
Louie helped me blow out the candles on my 21st cake last year.

 These products can be found in the Polly! store.

So yes, my puppy is very spoilt. But I don't have kids and no plans to have any anytime soon, so for now he is the baby (spoilt child)

So any readers, have you been scrapobooking much lately? Please leave a link to your blog, would love to read:)


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