Tuesday, January 17, 2012

White With 1 January & Values

I've been so busy lately that I haven't popped by to share my scrapping with you...and I have been doing so much of it! I seem to get around to it and it's too dark! So finally, I have photographed my pages and will share them over the coming week.

I loved doing the White With 1 challenge this month. I haven't participated in the challenges for a long time and to be honest I usually struggle being restricted that much by colour. I did enjoy this however and you can win a Polly! Scrap Kits & Supplies voucher by entering. So pop by and have a look.

 Looking at this has made me realise just how much I love Polaroids!! I must buy some more film...another sticky note!!!
There is also a lot going on over at the Polly! forum so make sure you pop over & check it out.

Now onto the matter of values.
I have been following along with 52 weeks to simplify your life, just incase your wondering what I am talking about.
Week 2 was about defining our core values. I found this REALLY hard. What do I value the most? How do I choose one thing above another? What do I value?
This has been in an out of my thinking all week.
I came up with three and only three in the end because in essence they were the things I thought about most when thinking of values.

1. Happiness - After living my life with Bipolar and having a pretty up and down adolescense, happiness is so important to me. I always feel content when I'm happy.
2. Love - I think this came from a time when I tried to cleanse all the negativity from my life, when I realised that I spoke and thought about 'hate' too much. I realised that you can love something about everything (within reason) and it such a happier way to be. I am lucky that I found love in Ben, and he is such a gorgeous person. 
3. Health - Definitely health. I think it speaks for itself...but I have been through enough bad health to value good health!

You can 'be simple' with us over @ Deb's blog here.

Much love. xx


Felicity said...

I love that page Kayla.. especially the twine ;)
Great values too :))

lindy said...

Fabulous page Kayla...love the design ...thanks for playing along at Ww1

squidmom said...

Love your scrap booking, it's something I keep meaning to try out but haven't yet. Your page is beautiful. I love that you kept your values at three, they all resonate positivity so strongly.

Louella said...

This is STUNNING!! I love it - motivates me to have a go at the challenge now!! And so lovely for you to share your values!!

Marcia said...

That twine has really made the photos a focus on this.

Thanks for playing along at WW1 this month, your layout is gorgeous.

x Marcia

Paula said...

Gorgeous layout Kayla! Love the flowers & twine :)

Tanyah Payne said...

cute layout! love the flower clusters & twine too :)

Heather Jacob said...

wow this is super duper awesome ... great design and love all your details and embellies .... fabulous page .. love it xoxo

Deb_in_oz said...

Love that you stayed true to you and stuck with only 3 as they were "you" instead of pushing to add two just because...

I am also loving the extra dose of scrapbooking - as someone who struggles to push past perfectionism to allow herself to create I am in awe - beautiful!

Deb @ home life simplified