Monday, January 2, 2012

The Start of Something New.

I am feeling very creatively invigorated at the moment. Especially with the start of a fresh new year. I was thinking hard last night about creating some scrappy goals and came up with a few. I mean it's always good to be goal orientated right? It keeps you striving towards something.
#1 - Try new things, don't be scared! (I could probably apply this to my life goals also!)
#2 - Make my business thrive, dive in the deep end, connect and have fun!
#3 - Take pictures to scrap!

So as I am talking about business. I wanted to give my business a little plug.
I have just taken the business a little further and opened an eccommerce store, forum & gallery.
You can see it all over @
You will find links on the top bar where you can access the forum & gallery.
I have to thank Gabbie for Dotcom Design for all of her hardwork making this happen & my gorgeous Ben for doing the graphics and supporting my business ideas!
Also to Catie Unger, Ebony van der Starre & Felicity Wilson for being such an awesome design team!

I hope to see you over there.


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Julie said...

Love the page aww you have a beagle to very cute