Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The start of a new project...

*deep breath*
I decided to take on a BIG project (well for me) for the year.
I am scrapbooking a page of my week every week ALL year.
I saw so many people do it this year, and they must be so proud of the albums that they finished. So here goes. I have only done my cover page so far...week 1 will be soon!
I don't usually complete projects that I start. One of my bad habits ;-)
However, I am signing up for this with no exceptions this year!!
It will give me a good chance to try out new techniques on my pages...being that I will have to do 52 of them!

I just found this photo to which I forgot to share. This is my bestie Cate!
She has just brought a Polly! kit so we can have scrap days together. It's weird because we met when we were so young (and probably naive) but now we're all grown up (she's now married!)
It's funny how quickly things can change.
Actually I should post a younger photo of us...
(and I was a lot skinner hoo)

So that is my flashback for today! Can't wait to have a scrap buddy!

Don't be afraid to leave a comment and say hello if your reading this, I would love to visit your blog!

Much love. xx


Dolly B said...

Love the colours you have chosen for your cover, really love the splash of red


Catie Lou Lou said...

Ahhhhhh Kayla! You are amazing.. Look how skinny we were! :( I can't wait to scrapbook with you too! I miss you woman! Home from the States soon, Can't wait.
xx <3