Sunday, December 11, 2011

Does it actually feel like Christmas?

I am feeling rather bah hum bug this year. (insert shocked expression here).
This comes from someone that LOVES Christmas and play Christmas Carols all month long!
I don’t know what has rattled my cage this year, but something just doesn’t sit right.

However, as un-Christmassy that I feel, I have still shopped for everyone, wrapped and ready to go. Not bad considering it is Dec. 11. I will probably still pick up little bits and pieces as I go, but the main bit is done!

So yesterday in my shopping, I ventured out to buy feathers…HUGE ones.
I am having my 21st birthday party this Friday and the theme is mad hatters, however I decided to go with an obscenely large fascinator. Now in my true style, instead of buying one, I am making one.
I did buy huge ostrich feathers and a few little bits and pieces, and some butterflies to stick in there somewhere. I was thinking of Marie Antoinette sort of style. I like these ones however and have my hot glue gun and feathers ready to go today!!


Yep, I am going to look weird and crazy but weird and crazy I am!
Trying to find a mad hatters hat for Ben. Eek! Only have until Friday!!!

Anyway, I would have loved to share some scrapbooking with you, but it’s all secret just now.
Speaking of something that was secret and is not now.
Check this out.
Makes me happy =D

Will be back soon.


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Louella said...

Looking forward to seeing And cant wait to see what you come up with for your fascinator!! I actually want to wear one for my wedding next year!! Although don't know if I would be crafty enough to make my own!!