Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011


Another Christmas has gone. Wow! the year went so bloody quick!
Feels weird to be 21 I tell ya!

I am working on my year in review post trying to gather up some photos, slowly. There aren’t many I discovered so will have to definitely work on that in the New Year…maybe a new years resolution?

I thought I would provide a bit of a recap of my last week. It’s been a busy one.
I had my actual birthday on Tuesday and had the good ol’ birthday cake but Louie helped blow out the candles….


We spent Xmas Eve at my older sister’s house. Turned into a bit of drunken fun….



but never mind the drunk photos, we did get some nice ones!


and there isn’t show without punch..some of Louie to…


Oh and I almost forgot..a seedy one from actual Xmas morning…


So all in all, a good week. Busy but. I did spend half of Christmas day at Ben’s parents house also but they really don’t like photos!
We were all very spoilt, including Louie – who got presents from everybody!

I got a circulation booster for my legs…sends electric shocks up your legs…so weird but it feels nice!
My gorgeous boyfriend spoilt me with lovely jewellery for both my birthday and Xmas..yay Pandora!

Anyway that’s it for another year!
Gosh it comes & goes so quickly!


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Louella said...

Glad you had a fantastic Christmas!! I know what you mean about the year going so quick - it will be Christmas time again before we know it!!