Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 * Year in Review*

Wow. What a year it has been. I can’t believe it’s over already, but can’t say that I am not excited for the new year.

So many changes for me this year (not that it is very unusual for me to be moving around like a gypsy). So my top 10 highlights for this year…

#1 – Meeting Ben

#2 – Opening my scrap shop Polly!

#3 – Turning 21

#4 – I got my car licence!

#5 – I finished my 1st year @ Uni

#6 – I got a gorgeous puppy named Louie

#7 – I got to be a bridesmaid in my older sister Tamara’s wedding to Josh

#8 – Got to holiday in Tas with my bestie Matt

#9 – Got see my Poppy!

#10 – Louie had his first trip to the snow!

I reinvigorated my love for scrapbooking this year after a long break! I didn’t beat any records with how many pages I scrapped, but it was good to get back into it and I am certainly looking forward to scrapbooking with my business Polly! Scrap in the new year!

My top 5 layouts of this year are:

Ok so there we have it!
I hope you all have a beautiful New Years and look forward to blogging in 2012.



Debbie said...

I love your pages, I think your dog is one of your favorite things to scrap LOL!!!

Felicity said...

it sure looks a year full of love and strength... look forward to working with you in twenty- 12
:) x

Jess said...

your layouts are fab!

Louella said...

Love those layouts!! Your work is always beautiful though!! Looks like you had a wonderful 2011. I had some really really low points, but then had some of the best moments of my life!! All the best for 2011!!