Friday, November 11, 2011

I’ve been thinking today. What’s new huh? Things tend to go wrong, such is life…but it’s how we deal with it that counts. This quote stood out to me. Life is meant to throw 38517777_QbwL1389_cchallenges but our dealing with these challenges is what counts. I’ve been thinking lately about things I would have done differently, things I could have changed, things I have missed out on and things I have lost and then I realised that these compare nothing to things I have gained and learnt from my experiences. These things I found outweigh all that I have lost. It reminds me why I have ‘Peace’ and ‘La Bella Vita (the beautiful life)’ tattooed to myself to remind me constantly that life is beautiful and to be at peace is bliss. Today I cried, because truly life is a bitch sometimes, people make you cry but true to the saying you just have to pick up and move on. So I guess some life and the stress happening right now has made me crave tranquillity and peace. The one place I think of when I want some relaxation in Tibet. I love Buddhism. I am not a religious person but any religion fascinates me, especially Buddhism. One day I will get there, and see this beautiful place. xx

47852613_UL4lRSGu_cFor now…it’s going to be lying in my peaceful room, with my peaceful music, gorgeous Louie and Pedro my fish. It gives me time to be thankful for all that is good in my life.


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Louella said...

Such beautiful and honest words!! I have enjoyed reading your last few posts and getting to know you a little better!! Just look forward to the future and the positive changes that can come with it!! I am also about to start a weightloss journey - for my son, my wedding day, my amazing boyfriend (only for 11 more months though then he will be my amazing husband) but most importantly for me!! I cant wait to watch your progress!! Thanks for sharing your inner most personal thoughts!!