Thursday, November 10, 2011

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my thinking, positive and negative and found this quote 138783368_1vKG3lrJ_cthat fits my current life situations perfectly. I have decided recently to start using my blog as a bit more a life journal. I found over the last two years that I have spent so much time finding myself career wise, health wise, and body wise that I just haven’t documented anything photo, scrapbooking or journal wise. It’s terrible. I don’t want my 21st year to go undocumented.
It got me thinking about the girls on Scrapbook Savvy with their 52 week journals (where they scrap a page for each week of the year) and committing that next year is my year to complete a whole documented year! So I am going to sit down and order ALL my supplies for this, make a kit, make it easy and have no excuses!

So keeping to my promise I am documenting something on my blog today.

I miss having my own space. 2009/2010 allowed me to move out of home, find my own space a decor style. I had my perfect little hippie home set up, the kitchen set out how I wanted it, the bathroom accessories in the colours I wanted, linen coordinated for every room (yes I admit to being a bit OCD when it comes to decorating). An accident ending in a broken leg wrecked my living alone idea!
After losing my job I had to move home. Now I am sure most of you can sympathise with the fact that after living out of home and surviving on your own that moving home with the rents is that last thing that you want to do!
The start of 2011 saw me moving back to the city to start my first year on Uni and moving in with my now ex boyfriend. It was ‘his’ house, his things, his style (if you call that a style) and I really felt like I was a guest in his house. In true Kayla style of having a rapidly changing life, I now live BACK with the parents but spend most of my time in the city with my awesome boyfriend Ben. But It brings me back to the same feelings. It is his space. He has nice decorating style, but all the things are his. I think I am at a point in my life where I want some reassurance, settling, my own space and comfort ability.
So Ben and I have been together for a while now and I am secretly hoping that maybe next year sometime we might have a place of our own.
I can’t wait to be back in that situation of having a ‘space’ that I can call my own or share with Ben. My friend recently brought a house (at only 19 years old) and it secretly made me jealous. It has turned me into a bit of a dreamer though and I have been collecting images of my ‘dream space’.

So here are some of my ‘collected’ images from my ever so favourite site Pinterest! for my ‘dream home’

Little vintage tea herb pots for the kitchen. My dream kitchen!

Possibly the perfect outdoor space. I love the colours!

So now I guess it’s enough dreaming and time to pick the ‘dream boy’ up from work.

Kayla. xx


rebelliouskiwi said...

Love those "vintage tea herb pots" ... if only I had known they would be "cool" I would have collected them from my Dad back in the days. He would always buy that tea. Always that mustard coloured one in that pic - the Early Grey lol. Ahhh memories lol.

Best of luck finding a place to call your own :o) It's great when it happens & can definitely understand your frustration about living in "someone elses" space.

Monica said...

Kayla sometimes life can really throw some curve balls at ya.
I just love those beautiful images - that kitchen is spectacular!
I hope u an dyour man move into your own place soon :0)