Monday, November 21, 2011

I have an itch at the moment, creative one that is. I just want to dive in paper, play with glue, mess stuff up. It may be because it’s 2am and I haven’t slept, ate a bar of chocolate and had a Christmas movie session followed with some Gossip Girl. So I think I am at the sleepless crazy stage now.
My dog keeps giving me weird looks, he’s trying to sleep and I’m being a mad woman (and yes the dog is in my bed which is naughty, he’s not allowed but Ben isn’t here to tell me off!!!)

Speaking of Ben, because I have a gorgeous adorable loving boyfriend who’s the best bf in the world. (I love you, if your reading this). He is making me the coolest bike. Sort of like these but in a vintage cream (and yes with a basket)


He loves bikes, I think he has at least 8 of them himself but he’s building me one from scratch. I love that it makes him happy. I really am a lucky girl to have met such a good guy that loves me for me.

Anyway, I really do have some scrapping to share soon, well as soon as I get my camera cable back, or my camera body for that fact. My sister traded my camera body when she went on her honeymoon because she wanted to borrow mine as it has an SD card and her card is a CF. But now I need mine badly because I haven’t been able to upload any photos. Grr. Which I needed to do because I have an upcoming Polly! Scrap Kits Christmas Kit release.

Anyway I’ve been a bit turned off scrapping lately because I don’t have any new photos. I have been VERY bad at taking them for the last 2 years. SO…I thought I might do this…


It might be nice to give this a go. I might not be *exactly* strict with the dates but instead work my way down the list.

Anyway I should be off to get some sleep.
I am working on too many exciting ideas.

Kayla. x


Louella said...

I have just got back into scrapping lately (thanks muchly to you for designing such beautiful kits that make it easy to scrap with). I didnt scrap for over a year - but now that I have a gorgeous son...I cant stop scrapping!! ha ha ha I am also getting a new (decent) camera for might try this photo challenge next year!!

Bec said...

Oh you lucky girl!! A new gorgeous bike!!! Enjoy!!
Oh, I might do this Photo challenge with you! I really need to get out and take more photos of other important things in my life and day to day, other than my kids. As much as I love them, it would be nice to do a meaningless page on say clouds!! hehehe