Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It has taken me forever to blog about my gorgeous sisters wedding. It was a few weeks back now and I forgot that I hadn’t blogged. It was a wonderful day and for someone that was a wedding virgin, I will admit I did get very nervous. Glad for the champagne that morning I can tell you!

My sister married my now brother-in-law (wow that is weird to say!) after being engaged for just over a year and partnered for almost 8 years. In true farming style they got married on his family farm, tractors and all. Not kidding…we actually came in (the bridesmaids) on a tractor with a hay bale and my sister followed on a tractor with my Dad. Thought I would share some pictures from the day. They even got a touch of rain at the perfect time and a lovely rainbow to boot!




It was a great day and my sister looked stunning!

Oh and a photo of Ben & I. Not a very good one but getting a picture of Ben is a pain, he is actually a photographer but when it comes to having HIS photo taken. *sigh*


Kayla. xx

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