Friday, May 27, 2011

13 weeks.
That is how long I have spent at University. My very first semester of my very first year is now over.

I am having one of those reflective moments, thinking about the last 3 – 4 months of my life with the friendships, relationship/s, places I have been, places I have seen, things I have learnt and things that I now understand.

These few months at University have changed me, I had forgotten what it was like to learn and how exciting it is!

So all of this, among other things has hindered my ability to update my blog, scrapbook, even take photos (really need to get onto that one)

I’m hoping now that I have experienced my first semester and know what it’s all about that I can use this break to oragnise my life and make sure that I don’t spend so much time purely on studying during semester…or do the shocking thing of leaving it to the last minute (happens too often)

Now. I am very sick at the moment. Have a nasty case of the flu. It’s not a very good start to my holidays. So I am typing this in bed and I have a lot of seasons of HOUSE to keep me busy.

Hopefully after the weekend I can come back with some art to share.

Au revoir!


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