Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I touched down in Brisbane on Friday night and it’s been an awesome time since then.

I meant to upload a page I did just before I left Tassie.
For Scrapbook Savvy’s ABC challenge by Kerryn.

lets travel

It’s using a whole heap of my old Love Elsie stash. I don’t save it anymore, it’s about time I just dug in and used it.


Here is a picture of my cousins and I on Saturday night. Little cuz turned 18, so a bit of a party was had.

Not much else is news.
I did get a new tatt.
I already have one on the back of my neck which is a chinese symbol meaning peace.
I got one on my wrist this time ‘La Bella Vita’
It means The Beautiful Life in Italian.

Will take a picture soon.

Best be off.


Ali said...

cute page kayla! i have the tendancies to save (AKA Hoard) scrapping product too - its just so pretty some of it!

Ally said...

Love this page Kaula!!!
OHhh I wish I waas in in Brissie right now!
Have a great time dearest!