Saturday, October 9, 2010

I love interior design!

If I wasn’t already a chef I would love to be an interior decorator!

Ever since I moved into my first place by myself I have loved buying things for my home.
I can’t wait to eventually own my own house which I can paint and have so much fun renovating.

My house mate thinks that I am a bit eccentric, especially when I walk in the house carrying shopping bags of; Eiffel towers, birds cages, owls, ceramic apples and fish bowls.
It’s all in good fun though.

I still haven’t taken any photos of my little space…I do have some…just not downloaded off the camera yet BUT I am looking for another house to rent at the moment.

Another thing on my mind @ the moment is going GREEN. Like eco friendly.
I’m a hippy from WAYYY BACK.
I found a really cool website for it to.

Check it’s pretty awesome.
Kind of like Etsy but GREEN.

So what else is news?
I have had some dress fittings for being a bridesmaid.
I have to lose this fat belly of mine AGAIN. I can do it…just motivation…with a broken leg isn’t the easiest.

On the broken leg…I hope to god that it is all OK next week. The cast has been on for 8 weeks now!
I am hoping to have it off next week and then I just have to get around on crutches for another 3-4 weeks and have physio and I should be back @ work.
I do miss TAFE though. They told me I would be able to go and then today I get a phone call from HR to say I can’t…4 days before it is suppose to start ! :(
Very sad.

I’m trying to find some pictures to share…so this blog post isn’t just babble…ok

Cat and I…She is getting married next December and I get to be a bridesmaid. Yay.


Tamara’s graduation…this was a wee while back….but I still haven’t shared it.


I have heaps of work photos..but probably can’t share those because people at work are in them.
Will find some of the food we have made this year though.

Course 1 Course 5

Course 2



This one is me, plating up the Crème Brulee dish up @ The Terrace restaurant.
They have deconstructed desserts up there but the menu has just changed since I have been off work. Can’t wait to get back and see all the new dishes.


I’m off to do ‘something’ today…other than watch Gossip Girl. Might do some scrapping.


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