Monday, September 13, 2010

September 10

I almost just wrote September 09…wow…a year behind much?

I must take a photo of the layouts I have been working on…I have actually done 5!!!!
That’s huge for me.

Other than scrapping…I brought a puppy..he’s pretty cute.

Dexter 1

little sis…with Dexter.
He’s a 9 week old staffy x springer spaniel. A lot of cheeky-ness. :)

I can’t wait for my leg to be un broken so I can walk him.

Not much else is happening here…I am either moving out of my house here in the city or my flat mate is moving out.
I learnt my lesson with share housing…not a good idea.
I am better off with people I know and get along well with. Lesson learnt. Will not go there ever again.

I have slowly been sorting out all my scrapbooking stuff…man I have some paper :o
I am off to the lovely Mel’s tomorrow night to scrap. (well … maybe)
I brought one of her new kits.
They are pretty cool.
Check out the new site here.

They have some pretty cool technique videos to…Emma did a great job~

best be going.
I brought season 3 of gossip girl and season 1 of vampire diaries today….movie night here <3


Kr. x

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Shimano (aka Christine) said...

What a gorgeous puppy :)
Can't wait to see your layouts.