Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finally some pages to share.

I have just been too lazy to photograph them. OOps




and a picture of my puppy…awww


I have some more pages..but not quite finished yet.
I have been busy spending way too may $$$  buying crazy home decor stuff. I should take some pics of my new stuff in my house :)

I am off to my besties engagement party this weekend. DRESS UP. It’s going to be a whole heap of fun. Must remember NOT to drink too much vodka with a broken leg…which I have 6 days until the cast comes off!!!
Granted I will be getting another one…but it will be nice to have the one that goes RIGHT up my leg off.

Will post again soon.



Sar said...

So awesome to see you blogging again Miss Kayla...and especially great to see some pages scrapped!!!!

Bec said...

Gorgeous layouts Kayla!!
And Dexter is sooooo cute!!
Yes, we would love to see what you have bought for your house!!
Take care!