Monday, June 14, 2010

I’m still alive…

I haven’t updated here in sooo long.

I haven’t scrapbooked in so long.
Just popping in to say hi to anyone that reads the blog still (and my aunties xxx).

Have been super busy with my job and crazy life business.
I have my own little house now in the city, a new room mate and a scooter.
Yep…I got a scooter…and it’s pink!

It looks like this…


That’s a pic brand new…I got mine secondhand off a girl that didn’t ride it anymore.
It’s so cute.
I went for my first motorbike lesson on Saturday and it was so much fun.
It makes me want something with a little more power…already!
I sense a new addiction.

I must get back into a routine of blogging and scrapping…soon.
When life settles down ;)

Waves to anyone reading. xx




Emma said...

ooo love the scooter!!!! Ive always wanted one of these, and a pink one at that. lol hope to see you scrappin soon miss!!

Sar said...

I'm missing you but glad life is going well! Love the scooter too, so cute! See you round. xoxo

Jenny Schimak said...

Glad your life is full and busy, your scooter is gorgeous.