Monday, December 21, 2009

No longer 18…

Yep, that’s right. I’m now 19 and only have 365 days left of being a teenager. Eek.

Thanks to everyone that has sent me lovely birthday wishes today.

I have been a shocker @ updating my blog. I’m so sorry. Things have been crazy.
I left the city and came home for Christmas on Friday. I’m home until just a bit before New Years because I think I might head down to Hobart and then back to Launceston to party up on New Years Eve then back to school. :)

I will do a proper update tomorrow in the mean time here are the photos from my gorgeous day today.

I was spoilt with a 50mm lens for my baby, a pandora ring (will take pics soon), a Pandora bead & a Pandora set of earrings + I got a gorgeous cook book and a tagine pot. Yep spoilt, spoilt, spoilt!














I have baggy eyes in the photo below. Before we went out for dinner I was in a fair bit of pain from my gallstones and I had a bit of a teary. Thankfully it settled down for me to enjoy a nice meal out.


As you can see, the desserts were to die for!
We went out to Molly Malones which is the local Irish pub. They serve fabulous food. Definitely recommend them if you are ever in Devonport in TAS. They are owned by Federal Group which is the company I am doing my training with. You never know…I might just work there one day!

I am really tired and full of yummy food (bloated actually). Off to bed. Thanks again for the lovely wishes.




Bec said...

Happy Birthday Kayla!!!
And you look absolutely gorgeous!!
Great pics too!
Hope you had a wonderful day, it certainly looks like it and that you are enjoying your training.
Take care of yourself and hope you are feeling better soon!

Kate said...

Happy birthday Kayla! you look beautiful and glad you were so spoilt xxx

Kell Lusted said...

Such a beautiful girl! Love all the photos you look STUNNING (The food looks good too!!) So want to catch up after Christmas, hope you had the BESTEST day ever!
Kell xx

Sarah aka Byclops said...

Glad you had a great birthday Kayla!! Mmmm and I spot one of my fave wines on the table there too!!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Kayla! You are looking amazing! That food looks so yummy! Your photos are awesome too - testing out the new lense already I see! Did you get the F1.4, F1.8 or F1.2? Glad to hear you had a nice birthday and I hope the gallstones stop causing you trouble soon!

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Happy Birthday Kayla, you look so gorgeous in the photos.
Merry Christmas to you and your family. xx

SkyeMJ said...

Wow miss glamour puss! You look absolutely amazing, city life must agree with you!!!
Happy birthday, glad you had such an awesome time!

Merry Christmas too sweets, have a great one!

ps: 50mm is the best portrait lens!! Is it 1.4? The depth of field is stunning!