Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hi guys.

I am so sorry that I have been such a bad blogger. I haven’t come & posted in here since I was @ home.

It is crazy that I have been in the city for already over two weeks. Time has flown.

I need to get some pictures up here.

Just a quick post with some pages I did for Scrapbook Savvy. Be sure to head on over to the shop and check out the awesome sales on.
There is also a CYBERCROP this weekend. The theme is Year in Review so be sure to pop over to the forum.

Here are my pages.




I have one more week of study in my course before I get the Xmas break off…I’m going home for Christmas and then heading back to the city at the start of January.

I have one week today left of being 18. Eeek. can you believe I still haven’t been clubbing or out drinking and I have been legal for basically a year?

Course is going great. I love it to bits. I so know this is MY career.

Unfortunately I have been a bit sick. Started getting bad stomach pains and so went over to the hospital for some tests > turns out I have gallstones so I have been pretty tired taking strong painkillers to get rid of some of the pain and I have an appt. with a surgeon this Friday. Hopefully I can get it all cleared up and sorted before I go back after Christmas.

SO good & bad news.
Luckily my school is just over the road from the hospital.

Will do a proper update soon.


Much love.


Tash Allen said...

oh that's no good. hope you are feeling better soon. so glad the course is going well and that you love it, great news. have a very happy birthday - I'm about to move house and will prob be offline for a bit. {{{hugs}}}

Kirsty said...

So glad everything is going well for your course!
gallbladders are stoopid...why do we even have them??? Hope yours gets sorted quick!

Tara said...

great pages Kayla, hope you are feeling better soon!

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

sorry to hear you've been sick, glad to hear that the course is going fabulous and those layouts are great. xx

Jodie said...

oooh man you poor thing, they are the worst! If they want to take the gallbladder out totally, ask them if they can just remove the stones, trust me, hah ive been sick pretty much every single day since my gallbladder was removed,years ago, and its the worst thing that happened in my life! you totally need it in your body to deal with all fats and stuff from foods!
goodluck at the dr!!

glad the course is going good, where is the school in launnie or hobart? :)
take care!!