Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have a huge big YAY post…

OK you my have heard me mention a course a few times that I have applied for.

It’s something I have known about for months, applied for ages ago & had my interview for over a month ago!!

What is it? a chef course…it leads onto an apprenticeship to become a qualified chef.

What’s so special about this course?
Well it’s with Federal group which is a huge employer here in Tasmania & they offer an awesome course with better pay than usual chef apprentices & awesome opportunities.
Like working here….



It means less time as an apprentice as well…as the course is a little’s just more time put in a shorter time frame.

So anyway back on topic.

I got a call today.

Orignally I was shortlisted from over 100 applicants down to 30 and out of those 30 they have narrowed it down to 15 and I am one of them.

Woo hoo!

It means I am moving out of home in 6 weeks to the city for 12 weeks.
I will back for Christmas but I am going to be studying from end of November till March next year and then I will be working!

I go for my Chef uniform fitting in 2 weeks.

I am so so so excited

Thanks to all the girls that had their fingers crossed for me. I have been so lucky to get a spot & I can’t wait to start.

So there is my bit of excitement for today.
I have 6 weeks to get organised & so much that I want to get done in that time.
First on the list is getting a laptop so I can stay in touch with everyone.
Will have to start looking this weekend.

I’m on a bit of a high so I don’t think I am going to get much sleep tonight.

Much love.


Tamara said...

Congratulations Kayla!!!
Well done on being selected - you obviously really impressed them!!


Lauren said...

Congrats Kayla, thats awesome news!!

Karen said...

Congrats Kayla, what wonderful news! So great that you can chase your dream.

elle said...

Congrats Kayla! I'm glad you finally get to work on something that you've dreamed of doing. Hope to hear how you go, and I'm sure you'll do well

(ps. let us know where you end up working, and I'm sure we will all try and get there, even if it means a trip to Tassie)

Once again, CONGRATS!!!!

Bel said...

well done Kayla will have the best time. When I am down in tassie (one day soon) we need to celebrate. congrats on this new journey in your lifexxxxxxx

Wendy Smith said...

well done you would get in with your culinary talent.

I have had the privalege of eating your food and you are very clever!

Emma said...

woohoo well done kayla. how exciting for you!!

Caroline B said...

wOOt!! WTG chickie!!! that's awesome news. now I won't have so far to go to come visit lol

Katie said...

Wow a huge congrats from me Kayla!!! I'm so excited for you...I hope you enjoy it and I'm sure you'll make a fantastic chef! I can't wait to hear all about it when you start!

KimA said...

Congrats Kayla - well deserved. Based up on what you talk about cooking on your blog I am sure you will be awesome!

Kell Lusted said...

YEY that is so exciting!! I LOVED doing the 12 week course, you will have sooooooo much FUN!!

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Congrats Kayla!! That is super exciting WELL DONE!!! If by city your talking Hobart, feel free to ring if you need anything :)

Chloe :-) said...

BIG congrats Kayla!!! WTG :-)!!!

Melissa said...

YAY Kalya! I'm soooo happy for you!

Aga said...

Congrats Kayla, this sounds like an exciting new journey - best of luck with it all :)
Aga xx

SkyeMJ said...

OH MY GOSH! Congratulations Kayla! :D
I know that they would recignize your passion for food and cooking! Yay you!

I am so excited for you lovely!

Hobart or Launceston?


mel said...

I huge big YAY for you Kayla - your going to do awesome and wont know yourself living out of home - bet your family will miss your cooking:)
Enjoy sweetie - you deserve it :)

Bec said...

That is fantastic news Kayla.
I knew you would get in!!

miasmummy said...

Wow, how did I miss such wonderful news! Congratulations Kayla, you really deserve to be there! Sounds like you will make a wonderful chef! Hope you keep scrapping your journey! I am so proud! xxx