Monday, September 21, 2009

What a crazy weekend.

and I got no photos. Eek.
I didn’t even get a photo of me dressed up for my interview..bugger.

Well interview went SO WELL.
Very happy with the whole day.
We had to leave home at 6.30 in the morning for the 3 hour drive to the city and then got a bit lost trying to find the casino.
We got there eventually and I just have to say that Federal Group (the company I was interviewed with) are so professional. I didn’t get nervous or feel ill like in most interviews because it was just so well planned and easy going.

We were told a light lunch would be provided & when we got there we were told that we had to make it. Lmao!

It was just a sandwich, so nothing too pressing but they did stand over and watch everything we did.

There were a few different group activities & tests & a couple of interviews. The day didn’t wind up until 4pm & then we had the long drive back home.


After all that, I don’t find out if I got a place until October 23. Long long nervous wait.
There were lots of great applicants (30 all up) and only 15 spots so I am not going to get down on myself too much if I don’t get a placement. I know I did my best & gave it everything I had.

So…fingers crossed. x

I can’t do a post without photos, so I thought I would post a few things that I love @ the moment.

(credit: house of turquoise)

This room is so me. I want one of those ladder bookcases & I would love an open fire (even though it’s totally not eco friendly)

(credit: twilight beauty)

This is really making me laugh. Anything to make a $ I suppose.
This is Volturi Black magic body shimmer, to get that vampire look.

(credit: skechers)

I love Skechers & they actually make them to fit my huge size 11 feet. I want a pair of these to wear in summer. I wonder the $$$..they are usually expensive!

I’m off to enjoy the sunshine outside.
Have a lovely Monday people.


miasmummy said...

Sounds like the interview went well! What a bummer you have to wait so long to find out!! I'm sure you would have impressed them! You have come a long way, makin me proud!! xx

SkyeMJ said...

good to hear the interview went well! :)
I really really hope you get a spot, its always nice to hear when someone finds a course they really want and are passionate about!

hope you're doing well lovely :)