Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A day @ the beach.

We went to the beach with Barney today.
I managed to get some pics…& some of me with Barney.

It probably wasn’t the best day for the beach or for photos for that matter.





He is so cute. It makes me really miss our doggy Jessie. :(

I am really looking forward to my interview in Hobart this weekend for the chef course that I applied for.
It’s weird to look forward to something so ‘grilling’ but it’s a step closer to where I want to be & I can’t wait.

I actually have to distract myself during the day so my mind doesn’t wander off to the interview.

I have created a big SPRING CLEAN list. It’s HUGE!
I am slowly working through, sorting out cupboard & clothes. CHUCKING.
How Much I love to chuck.
I am actually starting to remind myself of my Aunty Stace…having a good cleansing session.

I am off to scrap lovelies.
remember to check out the Scrap The Girls September challenge on the blog.



Katie said...

Aww Barney is so cute! And you look so fit - I am so jealous of your muscles! Looks like you've been working really hard!

Hope your interview goes well this weekend! And have fun with the spring clean. I started mine a couple of weeks ago - I've done clothes and shoes and under the bed but that's all so far. When work quietens down in a couple of weeks I'm going to tackle the scrapping desk, book case, computer desk and the rest of my cupboard (other than clothes/shoes). I can't wait to get the rest of it done!

elle said...

Good luck with your interview. I'm sure you will do well :) then I'll have to try and meet you when I head to Hobart next July!

And are looking so healthy now! Good work on sticking to your health goals!


Ali said...

You've inspired me to put my spring cleaning hat on!! :) You look absolutely fantastic Kayla!! Just gorgoeus and barney is super cute too!! :)

Candice said...

awwww. hes so cute!!!!

Candice said...

awwww. hes so cute!!!!

Tash Allen said...

you look SO amazing!!!!!!!! the photos are just gorgeous. we are gonna be so darn hot next year at retreat ;)

Bel said...

you look sensational...can't belive it has been nearly 2 years since we last met. goodluck with the job


SkyeMJ said...

Holy Heck Kayla, you are looking bloody amazing mate! You should be so proud of what you have acheived, you look so healthy and happy and just totally wow!
good on you chicken!