Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Autumn layout…

OK finally the layout that I needed to photograph.




It’s the first double I have done in AGES!
It’s for round 2 of the Scrap Therapy Make Believe Masters Competition.

I’m pretty proud of myself having scrapped those piccies already. WOOT!


I made some yummy MARS BAR SLICE today
I found the recipe for this here.

I currently have 2 layouts on the go that I LOVE…have been playing around with a few new things and it’s go me excited.

You know what else has me excited?

The new October Afternoon ranges that’s what!!!
They are gorgeous and Sar from Scrapbook Savvy is getting them in! Can’t wait!

cherryhill-300x300 DucksinaRow_op

Paper Pad Cover 2

Well that’s it for today lovelies. I have been on this computer WAAAYyy too long. Ooops.
Off to finish these layouts.



Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Love your take on the MBM's 2 - it is so great.

Tiff Sawyer said...

Love your double sweetie (feel a bit lonely doin them all by my lonesome LOL), she's a wee RIPPER!!! The clouds and the deer and the way it all moulds together is a sign of your AMAZING talent KR!!!

Sar said...

I can't wait either! Wish that backorder would hurry up and arrive....grrrr.... ;)


SkyeMJ said...

:) I LOVE that double (but kinda hate how blogger puts double's up so small - I wanna see the pretties up close!).

Of my gosh, i think I might have to pay Sar a little visit - I am HANGING OUT for that Cherry Hill Range - yum!

hope you're travelling well chickie (hope this comment goes through too - have tries three times over the past couple of days!)


Aga said...

Wow - love this gorgeous double!! and would also love to see more detail :)
Aga xx