Wednesday, May 20, 2009

wishing there was sunshine where there was rain!


Finally I can share my page.
It’s for the Scrap therapy Make Believe Masters competition.
I am not entering the masters, but the challenges look fun so I thought i might enter the make believe ones. :)



I am going to be doing more scrapping today. I haven’t scrapped in ages and now I am scrapping like a MAD WOMAN!
Oh well…I’m making the most of it while it’s here.


^^^^ I have been reading a lot lately. Here’s the books that have pride of place next to the bed.

* The lifeboat- Zacharey Jane. This is a REALLY good book so far. I would definitely recommend it.

* Don’t eat this book- Morgan Spurlock. Can anyone remember this documentary? I watched it in highschool. The guy ate McDonalds for breakfast, lunch & dinner every day for 30 days and then did a report. It is really interesting.

* The rouseabout- Rachael Treasure. Haven’t started this one. It doesn’t look to heavy in reading so I just thought I would get it for a bit of easy fiction.

I set a goal to read more books this year and so far I am doing well reading at least 1 a week.


I have a slight obsession with sequins lately. It’s getting scary. I have sooo many. I love sequin mesh. That’s my favourite. I’m such a girly girl.

Well I am off. Plenty to keep me busy today. I will come back tomorrow and share pictures of the very first 2 scrapbook pages I ever did like 6 years ago :o. They are scary.



Patty said...

I just have to say that I love this layout, and well pretty much all of your layouts to be quite honest:)

Very inspiring!

Best of luck with all your life goals, you can do it!


Toni said...

KR, I gotta say, the Black Dog LO made me teary! I'm SOOO proud of you, you aweome and amazing chick!

Helen Kinsela said...

I have been meaning to visit your blog for so long and now I'm finally here. WOW, I love reading everything. And I am so glad I found it today cos I'm totally inspired by this LO, especially the inchies effect ... mind if I scraplift a bit??? We have some inchies challenges over at Divas for the Crazy Crop this week :)
Oh, and the title, I'm with you there hon, I suffered PND badly after my 2nd bub so I've seen the black dog IRL too. It's wonderful though when you eventually come out the other side, such a journey.