Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sweet Sunday…

I love Sundays. I can be totally lazy, wear disgusting trackies with a hole in them, not straighten my hair and just SCRAP ALL DAY!

It’s friggin’ fantastic!

Here’s one of my pages from today….(for a mystical scrapbooks competition)

It uses a cute quote I found on the net.

Families are like fudge…mostly sweet with a few nuts- Unknown

I absolutely love that quote, it describes our family so well!

The picture of our family was taken on Christmas Day last year and I look so BIG there. It puts it into perspective about the weight lost when you look at pictures like that!

A bit of bad news this week. I can’t get into the Polytechnic (like Tasmanian TAFE) course until February next year!!! NEXT BLOODY YEAR!!! At the moment I am at home doing sweet all apart from cleaning the house and cooking all the meals because it keeps me busy and takes the pressure off my parents.
BUT…it’s depressing to think of 6 more months that way.
I need to update my CV and try and get a job. I have to for my sanity. I will go nuts…I really will!!!

I need to start saving actually because I really want to go to QLD next year early on. So…I might start an etsy shop soon, I need to make some $$$. I’m so depressed about not heading up north this year as I should be going in like a week!!! BUT…can’t afford it. Blah!
So anyone going to the Australasian Scrapbooking & Papercraft Expo in Brisbane on the long weekend. Have fun, take pics and post them on your blog!!!

Be back tomorrow chickies.
Oh god! There is a thing on Amy Winehouse on TV. It’s sad.


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Ness said...

Just had a breeze arond your blog ! Everything you do looks so FAB Kayla :)