Friday, May 29, 2009

Superstar sisters!

Well these photos were taken back in December last year!!!
About time I scrapped them. OOps!

It’s for another Scrapbook Savvy challenge.
You should really check Scrapbook Savvy out.There’s lots of cool challenges and the girls are awesome especially superstar Sar ;)



They are the lollipop flowers I showed you the other day. They are so much fun to make!
I must have an afternoon where I sit down and just make a whole heap of handmade embellishments<<<RECESSION BUSTER!!! Haha.
I’m usually just too lazy and love pulling stuff out of packets!

I have to get of this darn computer. Have been spending a little too much time on Facebook. I need to get stuff done!
Have a few birthday cards to write out for some special people.
I want to post a few RAKS as well. Just need to decide who I can RAK. I should do a RAK here on my blog soon. Keep your eyes peeled ;)

I just realised I’m in the next 3 issues of Scrapbook Creations I think. Woo hoo! Free mags. Hehe. I haven’t submitted many pages this year I need to get submitting.

Well enough ribble rabble.

Catcha chicks



Shimano (aka Christine) said...

I love your flowers - sub your latest Twilight page that will get nabbed by mag for sure.

Tiff Sawyer said...

Congrats on the hatric of LO's in SC and yes, your flowers are amazing just like your sweet self xx.

Ruby Claire said...

So glad you're back sharing some scrapping and pictures!
Your flowers are just BEAUTIFUL!

Sar said...

Aw thanks hun! **blush**

Looks awesome, and your Twilight page is just magnificent!!!!