Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life could be a dream…



Well I reckon it could be here!
I have been spending to much time browsing on again. I love it.
It feels so tropical when right now the weather is so drab here and rainy (but not as rainy as South East QLD)

So we were sharing our first layouts on Mystical Scrapbooks…so to embarrass myself I thought I would share mine here.
My very first 2 layouts made in 2004.



I worked this big butt of mine off today.
SO much exercise. Chuff chuff chuff.
I can just feel it burnin’ the calories *I hope*
Weigh in tomorrow *eeek* Hoping for some lovely your so nice to me kinda numbers. I have a goal and it’s soooo close.


Is it abnormal that I really like these shoes?
It’s ok…I wouldn’t actually be caught dead wearing them…BUT…they would be cool to own. You know and collect dust?

I am off to scrap.
Cya Lovelies.


Sar said...

Funky shoes, Kayla!! Love that you're scrapping again, I'd hate to see you ever give it up with your natural talent!


Tara said...

Oh I would so wear those shoes!

Tiff Sawyer said...

I dig em too Kayla, they are like lil crockodiles and how good are those pics up the top, I'm wanting there right now!!!!!!!!!!! PS Your back on my list again too xx.