Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mothers day.

Happy mothers day to all you mums out there!

I haven’t actually seen my Mum yet today. They have left for some Lions thing. I made her a card this morning.


Hope she likes it!

I meant to update with some piccies from Agfest. I had heaps of fun. It was a looonnng day with lots of walking. There were lots of people there for Tassie anyway.


one of the streets of Agfest.


These were awesome. They had a whole heap of decorated gumboots. I loved these ones by Cressy primary school.


Miniature ponies…awwwww


Gotta love the alpaccas. They feel so weird. They had heaps of pens of these cuties there.

When we were at Agfest Dad brought me this beautiful dichroic glass necklace. I looove it. You kind of have to see it in real life to see how it sparkles though. It reminds me of a peacock.


I am off to make something scrumptious for lunch.


silvercat said...

Hi ya sweet :) Havent seen you around for a while, hope your well..
I'm sure your mum will love that card!

Your dichroic necklace looks amazing!

Michelle Jamieson said...

What a cute card for your Mum. My card for my Mum has an owl on it too. :)

Agfest looked like lots of fun!!

Chelle Xx