Saturday, May 9, 2009

I owe myself 3 pandora beads (well ALMOST 3)
Soo I am trying to decide now on the net otherwise I am going to go to the jewellers and spend hours and hours in there looking.

Hmm…I like these ones. What do you think?




that’s like $103 there. Arrghh the obsession that gets expensive. Arrgh well, I have been saving up :)

If I really had the money I would be buying myself these pandora earrings. All I can say is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L



That’s sterling silver with gorgeous paraiba topaz in them. Awww. They are about $150 with the hooks I think.

If I won lotto it would be these babies…


$257 for the hooks.


then these babies ^^^^ $287. 14ct gold with a white pearl

with these gorgeous things on top


14ct gold with the paraiba topaz. $217 for the pair of them.
That’s like $761 for the earrings. Yep definitely have to win lotto. Lol!

Anyway better stop dreaming and get this tired body off to bed. Loooonnng day today.


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miasmummy said...

Mmmmm, Pandora!! I have just realised that I only need 5 more beads and mine is FULL! I love the glass ones! Get them all, you deserve them!! xx