Monday, June 1, 2009

8 things…

I was tagged by the wonderful Lyssa

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Christmas. Gotta love the festivities.
2. Holidays to the mainland.
3. Hopefully returning to my study next year.
4. Hopefully going to Sydney next year
5. Getting packages in the mail =D
6. Going out with friends
7. Scrapbooking crops
8. Family coming to visit us here in Tassie.

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Made a batch of lamingtons
2. Made a batch of Anzac Cookies
3. Went horse riding
4. Scrapbooked a double page!
5. Did the washing
6. Drank green tea while reading cosmopoliton
7. Started a new novel
8. Visited my neighbours and their kiddies =D

8 Things I wish I could Do

1. Travel overseas right now
2. Own my own scrap shop
3. Live away from home
4. Have an endless supply of thickers
5. Have a personal chef who will cook all low calorie/low fat meals and clean up afterwards!
6. Shrink my feet…it’s so hard to buy shoes when you have size 11 sometimes 12 feet!!
7. Drive…*sigh*
8. Have a bank account with no limit *dreaming*

8 Things Or Shows I've Watched Lately

1. Twilight
2. Mary & Max
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Bones
5. Criminal Minds
6. In her Shoes
7. The Da Vinci Code
8. White Noise

(^^^ these are not all recent…as I don’t watch TV much. Had to list oldies as in a couple of months. lol)

8 blogs I am tagging....

1. Kim Arnold

2. Yvette Adams

3. Skye MJ

4. Wendy Smith

5. Dee Young

6. Katie

7. Tiff

8. Chrissy

I don’t have any new layouts to share!!
I should have my Make believe masters to share but I fell asleep today and didn’t get to photograph it in time. arggh! Tomorrow. :)

Here’s my entry for the MAY challenge over at Scrap the girls


I have had the laziest day today.
Dad is home on holidays for 2 weeks and the June school hols started today so Morgsta is home for 2 weeks. My usual quiet routine is out the window then. lol!

I got on the treddy for a run nice and early this morning and was left with nothing else to do so I went and sat on the spare bed for a while and ended up falling asleep. Now that’s the life.

I checked the jobs today…hum de hum! Nothing to apply for again.
I wish I had a more interesting CV to. Hmmm….

Tonight shall be quiet so tonight I shall scrap =D

Also I just updated the Challenge blog links over there >>>>>
Be sure to check them out and give them a go ;)
I have been a bit of a challenge addict lately. I am going to try and get heaps done for June. I’m getting pages done though so it’s really good :)

Catcha chicks.



Tiff Sawyer said...

Hey KR, I just lurve Christmas too, in fact, wish I could just do Chrissy layouts all year round LOL. Thanks chickie for nominating me, I am simply chuffed, just wish I was there to give you a big hug and a big mwah, Tiff :o)

Shimano (aka Christine) said...

Ditto what Tiff said - thanks for nominating me as well, had a scrappy day today and I mentioned your name and you are FAMOUS - lol.
xxxx (only good things and great things said about you)

Sar said...

That IS the life....I'm very jealous....LOL!