Monday, April 20, 2009

Well I guess this takes obsessed to a new level…

Well… I saw that Supre were selling Twilight tops. OK…I have never ever shopped at Supre in my entire life. I think I have actually only been in the shop once with my little sister and I was quickly making excuses as to why we should leave *giggle*
BUT…they were selling Twilight tops so maybe I could go in right? that is an excuse enough.
Well because I was too chicken I ordered them online.
Order XL which so happens to probably be like a size M-L in most normal stores because Supre is stick central.
I told myself I am going to exercise this big butt of mine off until they fit, because it is so absolutely necessary I wear them right?

Ok enough babbling. I ordered these ones.




Ok I am leaving now before the Twilight haters start crowding around yelling “loser”

Oh and just to clarify I’m “team edward” in case you didn’t work that one out ;)


and…here’s little cutie java. Awww…so cute.

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Toni said...

awww he is too cute!! and KR, you are lookin HOT girl!!! cant wait to see you post a pic of you wearing the Ts.

Maxine said...

What a cute kitty!!!! I haven't seen or even read the Twilight books so not up with the craze :)

Tamara said...

Loving the Twilight tees, Im going to check supre out and buy some.

Mel Connell said...

Java is soooooo cute Kayla!!!!

All the Twilight haters can wait honey!!! I got my DVD two days early and have watched it twice already!!!

I say wear your T's with Twilight pride!!!!

Nicole said...

You're looking great girl, LOL re: your supre comment, soooo have to agree, super small sizes. Annoying hey.