Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Java is here…



I picked up Java today from the Launceston Airport….he had a bit of a rough flight from Melbourne because of the absolutely shocking weather here and in Melbourne today.

These photos really do not do him justice…he is the CUTEST little thing. He has gorgeous eyes.
He has a couple of quirks already; Playing with necklaces/earrings, chasing his tail, biting your toes if you have socks on & flicking biscuits out of the bowl all over the floor.
Mum also has a bowl full of these cane & foam decorative smelly ball things (great description ey?) and he pulled them all out and put them all around the house, it was so funny.

So far Oskar and Java aren’t really best friends. Lots of hissing going on. At the moment they are both sitting at my feet having a bit of a stand off. I reckon by tomorrow they will be best friends. :)

Well will update with some better photos soon. Off to play with Java.



Ally said...

OMG Kayla he is the cutest little thing!!!!
And Java suits him so well :PPPP

Now I really really wanna come visit you in Tassie again *so I can take Java home with me...* whahahahaha lmao!

Say hi to Oskar for me :P

Mel Connell said...

He's so cute Kayla, congrats on your new boy!

I have only 9 days left till Olive comes home, so I know how excited you must be!!!

elle said...

What a gorgeous lil kitty! Pity I'm allergic to cats, otherwise I would go buy one right now! Can't wait to see some LOs of this lil baby.

Also, well done on all your weight-loss recently! I'm super impressed!