Thursday, April 2, 2009



Most of you would know that I lost my cat Bailey back in November last year. :( Was very upset.

Well…I decided to get another kitten and I didn’t really want to jinx myself posting that I am getting it but I figure it’s ok.
The thing is we should have had a kitten back at the start of February but we had some problems with the breeder. I will never ever recommend that breeder to anyone that wants a Burmese cat. She is totally unprofessional.
So…we went to another breeder however they only ended up having one male and it was already sold.

So….third time lucky hey?
Well this breeder is so nice and is situated in Melbourne so our kitty will be flown over when he is 12 weeks old.
I think he is soooo cute.
His eyes obviously won’t be the colour in that photograph above ^^^ I think it’s just the camera flash and something about kittens having different coloured eyes when they are born?

My kitten will end up looking something like this…

He is a brown Burmese where as Bailey was a chocolate.

Now it’s the hard part.
What do we name him?
The names I really like are: Jesper, Jiro, Hiro, Kai, Edward *giggle*, and Java.
Yes want something really different I think.

I can’t wait to see what Mr. Oskar thinks of our new addition. He has been so lonely since Mr. Bails died. It’s very sad.

So I am counting down now until we get our new little friend.



Caroline B said...

he's gorgeous Kayla.
I'm no good at naming kitties. hopefully Oskar will get along with him ok

Ceci said...

How cute he is Kayla! I love the name Java. ;)

Wendy Smith said...

really love the name really suits the look of that kitty

Good luck picking a name

Ally said...

I love Jesper and Java!!!!

Ohhh you must be sooooo excited!!!!!!
ill have to try and come visit to meet this new adition of the family..

Tiff Sawyer said...

Hi Kayla, I just lurve cats, I have a Mr Vesta (Sylvester), guess what colours? You guessed it, black and white, original hey?????