Saturday, April 4, 2009

I didn’t jinx myself…I got lucky….

brown male '09 ………kitten photo of the little boy. Bit naughty but it’s the only pic I have of him little.


and here is what he looks like now….

brown boy 2

brown boy 1

After the last post, I got lucky.
The breeder we were getting our kitten off e-mailed and said she had a male brown ready to go NEXT WEEK available now because the people who had ordered it can no longer have him.

So above are some photos of him as a kitten and him now  ^^^.
He looks big but he’s still only little.

Oh my gosh! I am just so excited.
We won’t be getting him flown over until after we get back from our Easter camping trip but in a couple of weeks we will have a kitten!!!
How exciting.
I have been waiting for soooooo long and it’s all happening now.


I love him.
Still undecided on a name but I think you guys have made me love Java a whole heap more :D




Ally said...

Ahhh!!! OMG Kayla he is soooooooooooooo cute!!!!
I just wanna bundle him all up and carry him around in my pocket all day....

He looks like a Java to me...


Wendy Smith said...

that is wonderufl news Kayla..he is gorgeous

Java for me too..that is a TOP name

Lorraine said...

You are going camping at Easter with that cold wind blowing off the mountains. Be sure to pack your woollies!! Where are you going? I think that your new baby looks like a Java as well.