Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Got it today..YAY


2 twilight posts in a row. Sad…yes.

I got the DVD today and I have already watched it twice *lol*
I love the extended scenes and the music vids. Very nice.

I must say now the wait is over I am so anxious to see New Moon. Will be weird having a different director and everything but at least they will have a bigger budget.

The next movie I want to see is Angels & Demons (based on the Dan Brown book). I have read the book but am going to read it again before I go see it.
I read the Da Vinci code and loved that and also the movie.

Not much else is up.
Was on the Wii Fit for a long time today, doing yoga mostly. It was fun learning the poses.
I have decided to set different goals for myself each week now so that I don’t feel like I am at a stand still. I know that I have lost a lot of weight and I still manage to pull pretty good weight loss numbers each week but I can’t say that I have been really upping the routine in my exercise. I know that I am a lot fitter in everything but I am not pushing myself and that worries me.
I am going to start bringing in some new things each week (or couple of weeks) I wanted to involve stuff (like yoga) that isn’t just for exercise but also for the mind. So enough healthy talk…

I am off to bed. It’s 10.20 and that’s late for me. I am always in bed before 10pm these days…no social life. *sigh*



Lorraine said...

We got a Wii Fit yesterday and so far the 4 of us have just loaded in our details. I was the only one whose WiiFit age was my actual age. The kids WF was much more than their years & Richard's was under by 14 yrs!!! I would be the least fit of all of us. Stuart is on it at the moment.
Keep up the good work.

Jenny Schimak said...

Java, is a beautiful cat. I've read the Twilight Series too, and can't wait to see the DVD. I too loved Dan Brown's books and am excited that Angels and Demons is coming out. It was interesting reading that you like the Wii fit. I had wondered whether the yoga parts of it would be good.