Friday, March 20, 2009

Wishes life was less complicated…

I might be back to regular posting sometime soon when life resumes it’s original slow & steady pace.

Too much has happened in the last couple of weeks for me to handle. It’s emotional overload. I don’t really want to talk about it on my blog cause a lot of it is family stuff that involves not just me.
It has my head spinning though, I’ll tell you that.

My Nan had a beautiful (as beautiful goes) funeral service.
It was great to have family here and hear some funny stories about my Nan.

Unfortunately while we were at the funeral service Tamara (older sis) and her boyfriends house was broken into. They stole the laptops and a lot of electrical kind of stuff.
We are hoping it wasn’t someone that knew Tamara lived there and that she would be at the funeral, because that would be sad :(
I think she finds out today whether the police were able to pull someone from fingerprints done.

This weekend is a busy one. I am walking in the Cancer Council’s relay for life with my parents and the Forth Blues Festival is on here at home so will hopefully get back to hear some of that.

Just a quick post today, will be back to post some photos/scrap pages soon.

Love Kr.x

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marijana said...

Oh No Kayla!!!!
what a low life would do that...hopefully police will be able to catch the b.....ds
take care