Saturday, March 7, 2009

Some new pages.

I have some new scrappy pages to share.
Just for fun.
Using a December Wicked Princess kit.

Super long weekend here in Tas this weekend. YAY!
Today we went shopping.
I got 2 new pandora beads cause I have lost 15.2kg now and I hadn't yet brought one for my 10kg loss.
So excited.
I got a hair dye and coloured my hair FINALLY...after putting up with it for so long!
and I brought a pair of jeans now this is some kind of miracle! I haven't worn jeans since I was 12 r maybe 13. I walked in saw a pair, tried them on and perfect!

Tomorrow I am doing some gardening and planting some new crops in the veggie gardens.
Monday is fishing day up at the lakes :D
Talk l8ter.


~Kathryn~ said...

love these Kayla - what is the lettering ?

miasmummy said...

Well done on your weight loss, it's fab to buy new jeans!! Would love to be added to your list of people to read your blog about it, I need some inspiration!! xx