Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just a quick hello.

It seems I have been too busy to come and update here…once again.

I am not sure exactly what has passed this week by so quickly. It seems I blinked and missed it. I have a love/hate relationship with those kind of weeks. Love because it is quick and doesn’t go on & on forever in a very boring way but Hate because I sit back and wonder what I did all week and when I can’t figure it out I just feel like I have achieved nothing from my time.
So there you go, a look into my head.

I completed Week 4 of Mystical Scrapbooks Amazing Race competition. Yep still in the comp. :)
The criteria this week was set by the wonderful CookieAguilar and we had to use a photo 5x7 or bigger, bling & numbers.
With all this in mind I decided to scrap a page on the numbers of kilos I have lost so far this year. So 20 it was. Yep 20kg gone.


I scrapbooked like mad today and did 4 pages. Shock horror! I was actually at a local scrapbooking crop and when you don’t have distractions around you it’s a lot easier to scrap and get stuff done!
Will have to photograph and share those during the week :)

I have had a peeky through the new Stampin’ Up Yearly Catalogue and the stuff is absolutely GORGEOUS. I want so much stuff that the wish list is just HUGE….will have to come and do a post with my wish list soon. Stampin’ up is addictive. *giggle*

Well I am off to bed. Have just had a movie marathon with the fam. We wanted to celebrate earth hour by turning off all the lights and watching DVD’s. We settled in to watch Sex in the city movie and a couple of chick flicks then Dad started snoring so we sent him to bed. lol!

Chat soon lovelies.


KimA said...

Great layout Kayla. You are looking fabulous - congratulations on the weight loss.

Janine said...

Kayla, your 20 layout is fantastic and HUGE congratulations on the 20kgs gone- woo hoo!!!! That must be four pandora beads so far- well done!!

Katie said...

Kayla that LO is awesome! You look really great in those photos too! 20 kg loss is an awesome achievement - that takes real dedication - congratulations!! :-)

Toni said...

KR you look amazing, and you ARE amazing!! well done, you!

Mel Connell said...

Love the LO Kayla, and congrats on the 20kg. How extremely inspiring!

Tiff Sawyer said...

I loved this layout Kayla it was my fav for the week, Tiff :o)

wendymadeit said...

Wow!! Congrats Kayla!!!

I was thinking what lovely photos & then I read your progress!! 20Kgs!!! That's fantastic! You go girlfriend!! ;]

Nicole said...

congrats on the weightloss, you are looking gorgeous. know how your feeling, have lost 10kg this year. only 10 more to go.

Fantastic LO chicky too.