Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hi guys...

Oops..I haven't updated in a while.
Have been busy with lots of stuffs :p

I just wanted to post here that I have started a weightloss blog after joining the Little scrapbook shop losers club, but it's private as I have a lot of information on there I wouldn't share publically with the WWW.

So...if you want to read it send me an e-mail to kayla.r@live.com and I will grant you access to my blog. I just need to add your e-mail to the readers.
Please note...if I don't know who you are in the e-mail I won't add you :)

I'm not sharing anything on there besides weightloss stuff, that's why it's completely seperate from this blog.

I will be back soon with scrappy stuffs to share :)

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