Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spring clean?

OK ... it didn't take me as long as I thought it would.
But, I did pretty much waste the entire day on here!

New blog look is from the new website by Heidi, Rhonna & Janet called House of 3
I am loving the new style.
I was contemplating getting a new blog altogether but I have been blogging here for exactly 2 years now and so it would be silly to move now!

I am in one of those moods lately. I have to chuck & sort EVERYTHING.
Every single thing of mine in this house has been sorted out. I have chucked AT LEAST a trailer load of stuff out to the tip. I am a shocker: hoard, hoard, hoard!!!

So...while I was cleaning all the things that I can around here I decided to start on the computer. I have cleaned my computer account, sorted out all my folders and photos & of course my music. Today I was left bored, wondering what next? So blog it is.
Going for the less is more approach here.
I know that a few people liked all the links on my blog but half of them were prob. blogs not updated any more or people that have moved blogs so the links don't work. I couldn't really be bothered going through them all individually so I have just decided to wipe them out!
I will probably put some more blog links back up (no where near as many) in the next week or so.

So boys & girls 2009 brings the OCD out of Kayla. Watch Out!

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hks said...

hey kayla..
thanks for looping me in! your blog looks so great!
nice job... thanks for the note! all the best..