Monday, February 2, 2009

Kayla get a grip!

I am getting a grip.
I am not going to ignore my blog just because I am sad.
I am not, not going to post because I have convinced myself that my life really has nothing exciting in which to talk about.
I am just going to get up, move on and deal with 'life' as best as I can.

I have been tagged by a whole bunch of people. I have been neglecting tags for quite a while now and I am sure I have more to do somewhere, I will get to them all someday.
Here is one.
1. Go to the section of your computer where you store all of your photos.
2. Select the 6th folder.
3. Select the 6th photo.
4. Post and explain about that picture.
5. tag 6 other people..... this photo was taken on my 18th birthday at the Indian restaurant where we went for dinner. The photo is of Tamara (older sis) and Josh (Tamara's boyfriend) I'm not actually too sure why they are doing what they are doing in the pic, I mean come on guys it was over a month ago? surely that excuses my bad memory.
Now as for tagging 6 other people, I think I will just leave it open for whoever would like to be tagged. :-)

I am watching the biggest loser at the moment. I must admit that I have never watched this before. I don't really watch much TV at all (besides home & away). It is good though. So far my fave couple are the brothers and I do think that the sister relationship might be interesting to watch.
They don't have as much weight to lose as everyone else but so far I can see that their relationship is very similar to that between myself and Tamara. It's a bit scary>

I am so glad that the tennis is over!!! - how very un-australian of me.'s been on FOREVER. I'm sick of all the ads saying "after the tennis"
I seem to be going through a TV stage at the moment. I can't wait to watch Desperate Housewives tonight and Allsaints tomorrow and then there is of course Criminal Minds on Wednesday. See told you..>TV addict lately.

I got my blood test results from the doctors and had some good news.
Thyroid/cholestrol/blood sugar levels are excellent for someone of my size. That made me happy. Blood pressure is up so hoping that will come down with some more weight loss.
I am back on the treadmill after a 2 day break. (had bloody HUGE blisters on the back of my feet from the shoes I wear on the treddy, just not used to walking that much)
I had my first naughty food since the end of December yesterday (2x tim tams) although it may not sound like much it is almost 200 calories I think. Got up and moved on though!
So progress so far is 7kg loss. YAY! Weigh in days are Friday :-)

It's my parents 23rd wedding anniversary today. 23!

My Poppy went home on Sunday :-(. Was really fun having him here, but I guess that he had to go home some time. The house feels empty without him now. Hoping I can go visit him sometime this year. Trying not to make any plans yet though otherwise I will get too determined and with the whole no money crisis, I am trying to be reasonable...blah blah blah!!

Well best be off, this post is getting huge word wise.



Ally said...

Hey Kayla,
gotta tell ya how proud I am that you have lost so much weight so fast!!!! Way to go girl!!! You deserved those 2 tim you knwo that is over a month without junk food????? That is such a great achievement!!!
Hopefully i can continue with my little journey as well and by the time we go to QLD in June we will both be slim and trim and hitting the beach in our bikinis!!! (well maybe not...but its something to aim for! lol)

Sarah aka Byclops said...

Way to go on the weight loss on a mission this year as well. Keep it up!!!